The award winning City Centre Area Plan proudly supports the use of low-carbon sources of energy in Richmond by ensuring new developments in the area to be district energy ready.

New mixed use and residential developments located in areas of the City Centre where district energy systems may be established are expected to be developed with mechanical systems that can connect into these systems. This requirement allows for the provision of heating, cooling and domestic hot water energy to developments using low-carbon sources.

Depending on whether or not the DEU infrastructure is installed and ready for connection at the time the development is built, a number of covenants and service agreements will need to be signed between the developer, the City of Richmond and the Lulu Island Energy Company. The developer is asked to clarify as soon as possible if the development is a Single vs. Multiple Strata Corporation as there are differing legal requirements for each. These documents will be registered against the title at different stages: Rezoning (RZ), Development Permit (DP), Building Permit (BP), before or after occupancy. Once an official application is made, City and LIEC staff will guide the applicant through these steps, to make the process as smooth, transparent and clear as possible.

Future Plans
As per the current plan and condition to LIEC Board and City Council approvals, City Centre DEU could potentially become the largest district energy system in North America. It is estimated that the future City Centre DEU could service additional 70 mil. sq. ft. at the full build out.

Information for Developers: For more information, please refer to the Information for Developers OVDEU guidelines.

City Centre Area Plan