Who is LIEC?

The Lulu Island Energy Company (LIEC) is a municipal corporation, wholly-owned by the City of Richmond that implements and operates district energy systems in Richmond. Incorporated in August 2013, LIEC is the City’s solution to providing “clean, efficient energy for now and the future”.

We’re committed to:

  • Providing efficient energy services for space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water at competitive, affordable rates
  • Providing reliable and resilient local energy
  • Operating and maintaining low-carbon energy systems

What is District Energy?

District energy systems centralized space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heating production on the neighbourhood scale. Since the process is centralised, district energy is a more energy-efficient way of providing these services to customers of all kinds: residential, commercial, hotel and retail. Further, district energy systems can be powered by many types of energy sources, which means that they are able to take advantage of new energy technologies as they emerge.

 Did you know?—District energy is a concept that originated in North America in the 1880s.

Where Do We Provide service?

At this time, LIEC services three service areas: the West Cambie/Alexandra Area, Oval Village and certain developments in the City Centre area. We are currently looking into expanding the areas we service.

LIEC and Developers

LIEC works with developers to ensure that their developments are compatible with our district energy systems. We also provide documentation on relevant City bylaws as well as connection guidelines.

Service Areas