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Did you know?—District energy in Richmond is fully funded by service fee revenue and has no impact on property taxes. 

The History of Lulu Island Energy Company

The City of Richmond has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, relative to 2007 levels. Identifying district energy as a key strategy to reach this goal, the City incorporated Lulu Island Energy Company in 2013 to implement and operate district energy utilities on the City’s behalf.

By July 2012, the construction of the first district energy system in the City of Richmond—the Alexandra District Energy Utility (ADEU) —was completed. Since then, Lulu Island Energy Company has been working hard to connect more of Richmond to district energy systems. In addition to the ADEU, Lulu Island Energy operates today district energy systems in Oval Village, the Oval Village DEU, and in City Centre, the City Centre DEU.

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Annual Reports

Annual reports provide an overview of the Lulu Island Energy Company’s operations and management. LIEC is an important contributor to achieving a sustainable, low-carbon community, all while providing quality energy services to customers at competitive prices.

You can find older news articles or annual reports by visiting our Archive page.


The City of Richmond and Lulu Island Energy Company have been recognized nationally and internationally for the design of innovative and sustainable district energy systems.

Awarding Body Date & Award Comments
Community Energy Association 2021 Climate & Energy Action Award The Climate and Energy Action Award, in the Community Planning and Development category, acknowledges Richmond’s successful District Energy Implementation Program. The City’s leadership and implementation of the program shows best practices in technology, impact and economics.
EuroHeat and Power 2021 Emerging Market Award This award, which recognizes the ADEU, provides global recognition to organizations that excel in demonstrating the overall importance of district energy systems in providing sustainable energy solutions in countries without a fully established district energy market.
International District Energy Association 2020 IDEA Innovation Award IDEA presents this award to the company whose project displays technological, engineering and operational innovations within the district energy industry .
Energy Globe Foundation 2020 Canadian Energy Globe National Award The national Energy Globe Award recognizes projects that conserve energy and use renewable or emission-free sources.  The national award is presented annually to projects saving the environment through personal action, sustainable projects or campaigns for raising awareness in sustainability.
Association of Energy Engineers 2019 Canada Region Energy Project of the Year Award The Association of Energy Engineers awards this to a project that takes a first-of-a-kind approach wherever it has been installed.
Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) 2019 CAMA Awards of Excellence—Environment Award The Environment Award recognizes the commitment of a municipality to environmentally sustainable governance, to protecting the environment and to combating climate change.  Awards are granted to programs, projects or services that have made a significant and positive impact on the environment.
Association of Energy Engineers 2018 Canada Region Innovative Energy Project of the Year Award Award for phase 4 of the ADEU, this award recognizes an innovative energy project (includes renewables and green projects, and those making significant impact on climate change) that has been in operation for at least six months and can be substantiated with actual installation, operating costs and achievements.
International District Energy Association 2018 Public Sector District Energy Leadership Award A 2018 District Energy Public Sector Leadership Award has been awarded by the International District Energy Association to the City of Richmond Mayor and Councillors as recognition of commitment and vision shown by your administration in deploying innovative and sustainable district energy in your community.
Association of Consulting Engineering Companies 2017 Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence Awarded for phase 4 of the ADEU, this award is the most prestigious mark of recognition in Canadian engineering and is given to projects that exhibit a high quality of engineering, imagination and innovation.
Association of Energy Engineers 2017 Canada Region Institutional Energy Management Award The Region Institutional Energy Management Award recognizes organizations and companies for their dedication and performance in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry. This prestigious award recognizes the City for leading the way with its District Energy implementation program.
Canadian Wood Council 2017 UBCM Community Recognition Award It recognizes leadership in the use of wood, both architecturally and structurally, in the City’s Alexandra District Energy Utility building. The building construction uses local, innovative low carbon wood for structural elements as well as interior and exterior cladding.
International District Energy Association 2016 System of the Year IDEA System of the Year is the highest honour IDEA can confer on a district energy system. It recognizes an exemplary district energy system providing high-level performance and service that further the goals of the district energy industry.
Union of British Columbia Municipalities 2016 Community Excellence Award—Best Practices, Excellence in Action Best Practices, Excellence in Action recognizes communities that have demonstrated exemplary leadership through policies, decision-making or actions that have made a difference for their residents. It showcases municipalities and regional districts who “lead the pack,” take risks to innovate, establish new partnerships, question established ways of doing business and pioneer new customer service practices.
Canadian GeoExchange Coalition 2014 Excellence Award The Canadian Geo-exchange Coalition Excellence Award recognizes regional geothermal heat pump projects that showcase both complexity and quality of installation and design.
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) 2014 Sustainability Award APEGBC’s Sustainability Award was created to recognize the important contribution that engineering and geoscience make to the well-being of human life and the ecosystems on which we all depend.
Community Energy Association 2014 Climate and Energy Action Award—Community Planning and Development This award recognizes the efforts of small and large communities across BC in reducing community and corporate energy use and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.
Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine & the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies—Canada 2013 Award of Excellence (Natural Resources, Mining, Industry and Energy Category) This award is the most prestigious mark of recognition in Canadian engineering and is given to projects that exhibit a high quality of engineering, imagination and innovation.
Public Works Association of British Columbia 2013 Project of the Year This award is given to a municipality that constructs a major and complex public works or utilities project that meets specific criteria including innovative design with project benefits for the community and environment.
International District Energy Association 2013 Certificate of Recognition—Innovation Awards This program highlights examples of engineering, technology and operational innovation within the district energy industry.
Energy Globe Foundation 2013 Canadian Energy Globe National Award The national Energy Globe Awards distinguish best project submissions from a country. It is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources.

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